NEBOSH GC 2 Answering techniques with example , Nebosh Igc 1 Answering techniques with nebosh model and recommended questions Nebosh igc 1 Questions and answers with nebosh answering techniques How our students getting Nebosh Distinction , Even though the over all pass percentage all over the India is comparatively low ?? The Reason is Right Guidance and Continuous Effort . Here are the simple Nebosh examination answering tips for Nebosh aspirants with out any cost almost . In Nebosh Examinations It is Essential to follow the  command words to get distinction and to achieve reasonable marks . WHAT IS COMMAND WORDS : Nebosh command words and example Command words are the action verbs which is an important technique used in Nebosh examinations. You should clearly understand this  before appear for the examinations!! WHY NEBOSH SETS COMMAND WORDS IN EXAMINATIONS ?? To check the students level of understanding in the particular subject To check the students demonstrating skills LIST OF COMMAND WORDS USED IN NEBOSH EXAMS: Give Identify List Outline Describe Explain NEBOSH IGC COMMAND WORDS OVERVIEW :  Give – Definition / Meaning /Types /Examples Identify –  Name or tittle Outline –  Principle features (Write only the Major points or key issues) Describe –  Key features of subject without explaining each points( Remember – The answer should have a sufficient details that the another persons can be visualize it )  Explain – Provide what you have understood from that subject  ANSWERING TECHNIQUE FOR “GIVE” : In this type of questions Nebosh will normally ask Definitions & reasons & types etc. 1.Question : Give the Meaning of term “safety” ? Answer : The absence of risk of serious personal injury . 2.Question : 2.Give the three uninsured costs that might during workplace accidents ? Answer :  Production Delays Loss of raw materials Sick pay for injured workers Overtime to make up for lost production time   ANSWERING TECHNIQUE FOR “IDENTIFY” : In this action verb Nebosh will normally ask types , reasons or else categories in syllabus Question: Identify three types of legal duties that the employer has to comply with ? Answer: To provide a safe work place To Provide a safe system of work To Provide a safe work equipment’s Question : Identify the key stages of risk assessment : Answer: Identify the hazards Identify the people who might be harmed and how Evaluate the risk and decide on precautions Record the significant findings and implement them Review & update as necessary . For this type of questions simply mentioning the key features & the types are necessary no need to explain them . ANSWERING TECHNIQUE FOR “OUTLINE ” : common mistakes  is that the candidates starts to explaining the answer . In this type of question you no need to explain the key features , simply mentioning is enough . Question:  Outline the common duties of employees  ???? Answer:   Reasonable care : To take reasonable care of themselves and others safety Reporting of hazards : To report to the supervisor regarding imminent hazards, if any found Co-Operate with employer : To co operate with the employer to fulfill the legal duties 2.Question :Outline ways in which workers perception of hazards shall be improved ?? Answer :    Training :  By Providing training to increase awareness about hazards Campaigns : By Creating awareness by campaigns Removing distractions :  by removing excessive noise , temperature and other distractions in workplace Motivation : By motivating the employees during safety compliance actions . Making hazards obvious : Providing warning signs and posters around the site to make the hazards obvious  ANSWERING TECHNIQUE FOR “DESCRIBE ” : Example Question : Describe the key stages of risk assessment ? Answer :    Identify the hazards associated with the workplace by the evaluation of internal and external related documents and by inspection. Identify the people at risk including the vulnerable peoples present in the workplace . Evaluate the level of risk with the consideration of available control measures and frequency of exposure to hazards.Record the significant findings and the suggested control measures .Review the assessment when ever there is a changes which might affect the risk level.  ANSWERING TECHNIQUE FOR “EXPLAIN ” : Explain how health and safety related behavior of  employees shall be improved ?? Answer :    Health and safety related behavior of employees shall be improved by providing training and education regarding the hazards present (Ex : Hazards exist is the machinery like entanglement etc )in the workplace and the safe procedures needs to be adopted  (Ex : safe use of guards & operating procedures )during work . H & S Behavior of the employees also can be improved by enforcing the site rules by appointing the supervisors and other management staffs . Motivating the employees by consulting during the health and safety related issues decision making process etc .  Disciplinary actions to be taken when ever violence of safe procedures are present . By Following this Simple Techniques and continuous preparation you shall achieve Good marks in nebosh examinations . Remember this techniques are only the single step to reach your mile stone . Still thousands of tips and techniques are available  to crash your nebosh examinations . 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